Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Winter quarter, first meeting, Jan 3: Minutes

Plan for the first two weeks of winter quarter:
- Cynthia will work on the website.
- We will all finalize the information architecture.
- Beth and Cynthia will work on writing content for the website.
- Emma will work on revisting the design work we started next summer: tackle it and bring an artifact next week, a draft, that we can start to work on to send out to get feedback on.
- A graphic representation of a timeline of this work.

Blogs to read before we meet next
- Terra Nova as an example of a multi-author, collective blog
-, a resaercher from Nokia researching developing countries, mobile phones with ethnographic methods
- Smart Mobs
- Small, a blog about designing for small and mobile screens

Goals for the quarter:
- One paper out: the design comparison paper, HCI Mobile confernce,
- Get data coded
- Get a kick ass website


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