Thursday, October 26, 2006

Texting over voice

An article in the Guardian today talks about the Phillipines having the unique distinction of being "the first country in the world where mobile users spend more on data services than on voice."

Why, you may ask?
The main reason for the Philippines figures is that texting is very cheap compared to voice calls, so subscribers use texts as their main means of communication and their spending on voice calls is very low.
So the article makes a good case about why this is resulting in more revenue: more texts than calls.

What do you think this tells up about adoption rates (not specifically mentioned in the article). It seems to me that there might be more people texting more often. So making the technology economical, accessible, and giving users the control to choose when to use and how much to spend on each act of communication may yield a higher rate of technology adoption.

Read the full article here: A country with text appeal.


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