Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Emergent themes

Hi DDI'rs,

I'm live blogging our meeting today and promise to keep all snark to myself (or add it in later).
  • We talked about the PS SIGCHI meeting that discussed mobile design.
  • So tonight we added some new themes. I captured them in an excel file that I'll email around.
  • Coding is an iterative process, we will probably identify new themes as we go. If we identify new methods, we should talk to Beth about adding those to the code sheet.
  • G├╝lay volunteered to come up with a scheme about personalization/phone habits.
  • Update on the website:
    • Cy's mock up
    • We need to have discussion on color schemes until December 15. Beth will be the tie breaker and she assures us that we don't want her to divide.
    • Emma will work on the information architecture and content sections. Select pictures to post.
    • Beth will work on content.
    • We should have a flikr feed. So we need to create a new account that we can link to. Who will do that?
  • Next quarter:
    • We will have data crunched from the interviews
    • We will have photos thought about
    • We will have designers come in (probably in the first two weeks) to talk about getting from data to design. Beth has class on T-Th 1:30-3:20 which may also be where the guest speakers may be.
    • We will try and prototype something that quarter
    • We may have access to developers in the Spring
Have a great break everyone!



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