Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MySpace en Espagnol

MySpace en Espanol launched yesterday with it's beta version for U.S. residents, along with a Spanish language version of the MySpace IM client. For Latin American users, MySpace has also launched MySpace Latinoamerica. MySpace Mexico is coming soon and MySpace Brazil is planned for this summer.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Transform the way you text" is Samsung's new slogan

The new Samsung u740 boasts "pivoting" action. With the use of dual-hinges the phone can be opened up vertically or horizontally. They claim the phone will "transform the way we text."

It seems, in an effort to provide more versatility and flexibility to use many different services easily, there is more and more a trend of moving phone pieces and even in some cases detachable parts. Here are a couple of patents I've come accross: Sony Ericcson's "flip phone" and what I'm going to take a wild guess, is a new Treo housing a detachable mobile phone.

A Wireless Umbilical, Cut

When the Blackberry network went down for 12 hours last week, users lost more than a communication device. They lost an addictive sense of belonging. Read more >

Think Cycle

Distributed collaboration design initiative focusing on underserved communities:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Google Phone knows what you want before you search

The team at mad4mobilephones has located a patent for either a Google mobile phone OR Google mobile phone UI. The implications of such a location aware technology are great. Using their fancy algorithms, it is conceivable that Google will be able to take our previous searches to determine when and where we look for food, entertainment, health practitioners - you name it - and send us recommendations.It seems they are getting ready to take us one step closer to a " come to me web."

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Social Software Building Blocks

Gene Smith provides a conceptual framework for social software and an interesting look at popular Web 2.0 sites such as flickr, digg and twitter. Social Software Building Blocks is a good primer for understanding different types of social software and its basic elements.